today is august 16th, 2009.

surreal is the only, very corny and stereotypically used, word that seems to accurately fit my mood. i’m back at gordon for my last week of my summer nanny job, then, in 18 days, i ship out. i’ve started this blog as a general way to keep in touch/update people as i spend this next academic year at oxford (!). i know that many people who stumble upon this page, or who search for it to keep tabs on me, will be disappointed with what they find here. in fact, i’ll probably be rather bored with this and not update it as frequently or as interestingly as i would like. regardless, as a first time blogger, i’m going to give it a go.

so here we go…

i read a book once. well, more than one. and more than once. but one of the things i’ve read in one is this: “there are a thousand thousand reasons to live this life, every one of them sufficient.” for me, this is true. but there is a great difference between sufficiency and neccesity. there are many things that awaken in me the recognition of the value of life, but there is only one thing which has endowed this gift of life upon me: God. and it is for the reason of bringing glory to His name that i live. a thousand thousand things can motivate you to live, but only One can keep you living.