“there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues…”

i went to ice cream with my parents this afternoon.  as we were sitting, enjoying our wonderful treat, a man pulled up, left his car door open and leaned against his car. he then reached inside and turned on the radio, loudly, and we had the pleasure of listening to these words of a country song being played from his stereo as he ordered and ate his giant vanilla soft serve.  multiple times he got up, leaned in his open window and did something inside the car (that had no effect on the music), then went and sat back down at a picnic table.  this is one reason i do not mind leaving america.

after i showered this morning i blew dry and straightened my hair for the first time in quite a few weeks.  i don’t normally do much to my hair in the summer, nor is taking a red eye flight in sweatpants an occasion warranting an awesome coiffe.  rather, i did this to my hair not knowing when the next time i will be able to do this will be.  i am not allowed to bring these sorts of appliances because they can be rather unpredictable, even with converters for the electrical current in europe.  that, combined with the wet weather guarantee, makes the state of my hair a complete unknown in the future.  this is one reason i might miss america.