it STILL hasn’t rained :)

i attended church with my junior dean (like a resident director/advisor) and some friends, and who should sit down next to us but a friend of a friend i was planning on meeting! i didn’t even know she was at that church and i happened to meet her right then and there!

had my first fish and chips in a pub for dinner tonight. might as well get it over with now…haha.

set up my oxford e-mail address.  i’m a real student here!

st. gile’s fair is going on today and tomorrow in city centre.  it’s the oldest fair in europe, yet it has transformed into a town fair planted in the middle of the beautiful streets of oxford (think gaudy rides and fried food…true sophistication).

went to tea three times today.

i purchased a watch since, without my cell phone, i had no idea what time it was.

it has finally hit me that, even though i am in a residential neighborhood, i live in veryclose proximity to a european university city.  when i walk downtown, i am entering a hub of activity.  it is similar to boston in that it is a walking (well, biking for many) city.  the more i explore and the further i venture into the college, the more i see the integration of old and new in this fabulous city.  i cannot wait until the term starts and academia spills from every gate and stone building.

i now know where i go to pick up my mail, so i am anxiously awaiting my first letter… hint hint

the faucets are rather…frustrating.  the hot and cold water come out of separate spickets/faucets/whatever the correct word is.  accessing warm water takes innovation.

i am meeting so many wonderful people.  however, it is absolutely exhausting having to get to know them all and form new relationships.  it makes me appreciate how truly blessed i am by my friends and family in the states.  it is such a comfort to be with those who already know you.  with everything being new, it would make things so much easier if some of you were here with me :)