dear all,

i am freaking out. tomorrow morning we leave at 9 am to go to the imperial war museum in london for our last field trip. that will conclude the british landscapes course, and the first third of my fall term! at 3 pm we are dismissed. some friends and i will make our way from the museum to gatwick airport and depart at 6:25 pm for malaga, spain, where we will be until tuesday the 6th of october! i am so excited to be finished and have a restful, exciting break.

however. in order to make all this happen, i have to finish all my work. i have not gotten enough sleep the past two nights working on my papers, and tonight will be no exception. there is an excess of research i’ve gathered these past few days and i am attempting to formulate into my last case study.

it’s now 11:11 my time. and i am wishing for a wave of energetic inspiration.