dear all,

i am such a horribly wretched person for promising mass updates and instead falling off the face of my blog for almost a month! (i did not realise it was that long until i just visited it 5 minutes ago). BUT if you read one of my first entries i discuss the probability of my becoming extremely undependable and inconsistent. so, i told you so. but truly, i am sorry. when we returned from spain there was much work to be done. the real oxford term started so i needed to adjust to a whole new style of learning – the tutorial. now that i’m entering 3rd week, i think i’ve got a grasp on the system, and i am a BIG fan. my primary tutorial (meets every week) is knowledge & reality (AKA epistemology & metaphysics), and my secondary (meets fortnightly) is history of philosophy from descartes to kant. my tutors are amazing, and it’s odd to think that i only meet 8 times with one, and 4 with another. now i understand why they have three terms. the majority of my time is spent in the library reading. that is how we learn here. sit, read, research, think, take notes, attend a few lecture series, write, and discuss. it is a very independent way to learn, and i find it extremely effective. my tutor gives me a question and a reading list and i write my paper, read it aloud, and then we discuss it and the topic for an hour. overwhelming, intimidating, challenging, inspiring. i love it.

it’s finally cooled off, and started to rain on a somewhat regular basis, but still not too frequently. the fall has been mostly dry and it is beautiful here – there’s something enchanting about this country. i’m going to try to do some backwork tonight and get lots of posts up here to fill everyone in. but just a fun little thing to leave you with for now: i was studying in the bodleian yesterday and who should sit down a row in front of and across from me, but Queen Susan! the actress who plays susan pevensie in the chronicles of narnia is a student here. i’ve officially seen a famous person, haha.

okay, i’m off to upload pictures to satisfy those who are still reading this!