dublin pictures:

howth pictures:

my trip to ireland was absolutely fantastic! friday we went to see the book of kells (a celtic book of the gospels which is very old), toured dublin castle, saw st. patrick’s and christ church cathedrals, walked around st. stephen’s green, went out for dinner, and had gelato. that night it rained, and the wind blew hard – we were soaked. but, on the up side, that was the only time it rained!

the next day we took a train ride out to a fishing town/peninsula howth (pronounced like both) for the day. the weather was absolutely gorgeous. we took a 7 km hike around the coast and town. it was what i always imagined ireland to be like. actually, part of the town reminded me of maine, haha. when we were exhausted and cold, we had tea :) we finished the day with a walk out to a lighthouse as the sun was setting. it was truly a beautiful sight.

when we returned to dublin we were met with crowds of people making their way to the stadium for an ireland-france world cup qualifying game. as the groups of frenchmen marched with their flags, the irishmen (already taken in some pre-game liquor) marched around singing. we went to a pub to watch the game. it was an authentic experience to say the least. i’m not into sports too much, but it was a fantastic match (although ireland lost by one point)! afterwards we had more gelato (i think i’m in love).

one of the interesting things about the trip that i was not expecting was the irish language. no, not the accents – though those were lovely – but the irish gaelic on all the signs. i guess i had not realised that they do have an official language. though i wonder how frequently it is spoken. i enjoyed my trip exceedingly, and wish you all someday have the chance to visit.