student drivers are not just a frequent occurence on crick road, they are a guarantee.

the road i live on is apparently where they bring all of the students for their first few lessons. i would reckon there are at least three different driving schools represented each day, each by multiple cars. it took me a few weeks into the term to realise that the majority of the cars lining the road were not those of residents.  there is also an excess of construction vans for work being done on the adjoining road. car culture is different here: smaller, fewer, cleaner, more distant. cycling and walking are the way to go. as much as i love driving, i will miss all my walking.

in other news: last night the wind was strong and loud. when we woke this morning, our tree had fallen over. completely uprooted! the poor thing has had us questioning whether it was dead or not for quite a while, and i suppose it was just too weak. we are all very sad to see it go. men with chainsaws came and divided it, carrying it off to who knows where. this tree had a character. a character very reminiscent of the tree of gondor from the lord of the rings. it seems our king will never return now. which is okay, we like elizabeth.