yes, it’s slightly politically incorrect, but my half-korean roommate said it first, so i figure i’m okay. “asian invasion” is the term we use for the mass hoards of asian tourists who are a landmark feature of oxford.

today i am feeling the invasion in another way. i am writing my final essay on a thought experiment called the Chinese Room Argument. i only just now realized the consistency. i have 22 1/2 hours to turn this baby in. then i am officially finished my first term at oxford. whew!

saturday i will fly off to switzerland to spend Christmas with a wonderful friend from gordon. i cannot wait to enjoy our holiday, but i have a lot of typing and crying to get through before i’m there. goodbyes are coming. i can feel them. my head knows, but my heart is still in denial. God, i love these people. i don’t want to come back without them.

alright, back to philosophy with me. but first, here’s the link to pictures from my trip to bath on saturday:

as always, enjoy! (if you don’t, you should probably stop reading this)