i realize that it has been ridiculously long.  in an effort to catch you all up on what i did over the holidays and what i am currently engaging in, i am setting myself a challenge.  i will do my best to post at least one thing every day until april 17th, the day i return to the us of a.  wish me luck!

to begin:

i was welcomed to arlesheim, switz by the gracious family of my dear friend, christine.  after a few days of reclusive recovery we took a walk in the snowy woods, following a path of things of historical interest.  christine, having taken a field trip along this very route, was an excellently informative tour guide.  this was one of the marvelous structures we came upon as we enjoyed the fresh air and view.  this lookout tower was constructed to deceive the eye into believing it was seeing nothing more than a pile of logs – ingenious!  inside were many significant engravings such as initials within hearts.  it was a lovely walk with some lovely talk :)