after i had been in switzerland for a few days, we decided to leave the country for a long weekend (i love europe!) to visit our friends, amity and sophie, who were studying in germany.  it was a beautiful weekend of good company and lots of cold cold cold snow. one day sophie, christine and i hiked the philosophenweg (philosopher’s walk, how appropriate). it was a winding, back and forth slowly inclined hike to the top of the mountain. unfortunately, our cameras  became so cold that they would no longer work halfway up.  so, sadly, i do not have any pictures of the old monasteries and the amphitheatre, thingstätte , where nazi youth rallies were held.  but i was able to take a few pictures of the city on the way up, and also one of these flowers.  i was so happy to see them still bright in december.

other random facts about that adventure: christine and i made chocolates and doughboys to bring, i had my first encounter with a turkish döner kebab, german spätzle, and i finally bought a pair of boots!