as a christian, college student, and philosopher, something that often creeps into conversations i’m a part of is the problem of evil – the question of how the existence of a perfectly good and all-powerful God is consistent with all the suffering in the world.  this has proven insoluble for thinkers throughout the ages, and does more than its share of damage by keeping (or driving) people away from God.  yet, for some reason, i’ve never really struggled with it, and i’ve certainly not been sheltered from the effects of evil – i realize its scope.  and i care.  i can understand the objections put forward from it, but, for some reason, it is not difficult for me to defer to faith, accepting that it is beyond my current ability to understand.  but it’s not even that.  it’s as if i do, in fact, understand in some way that doesn’t seem comprehensible or satisfying to others.

i think that in this area more than any other, am i capable of so easily surrendering.  i don’t know what to make of that.  why can i let this tremendous stumbling block pass me by, but not hand over insecurities about good things in my own life?  am i a control freak?  in denial about the true state of the world?  apathetic?

the most frustrating part is that when people who really wrestle with this issue want to discuss it with me, i have no answers.  i cannot read them the illuminating passage of scripture that makes it all clear, and share my insights as to how the two are compatible.  i fear that by admitting that it truly does not pose a problem for me, without being able to say something that  makes that the case for them as well, i seem cold or uniformed.  aren’t we supposed to be able to comfort others with the comfort God has given to us?  what good is my serenity in this matter if i cannot guide others to the same place?