that’s right! i’ve been holding out! during my swiss holiday, we took a day trip down to the interlaken canton, to the town of grindelwald (harry potter fans can freak out now) and went sledding. not let-me-grab-my-plastic-plate sledding; sit-on-wodden-toboggan-and-dig-your-feet-into-the-snow-to-steer-and-try-not-to-hit-skiers-and-snowboarders sledding. it was INSANE. i had so much fun. it made me want to learn how to ski. and, i got to see the alps! sure, i’ve grown up near mountains. and the appalachians are great, don’t get me wrong. but something about the way the alps just rise from the earth overtakes me. i don’t think i ever fully realized that mountains are where tectonic plates have collided and sent the earth up into the sky until i saw these ones. and i loved it. our world is fascinating, beautiful, and mysterious, and i have seen so little of it.