in the past few days i have made a wonderful discovery: music.

so, that’s a bit of a lie.  i actually wrote the above about 2 months ago and got too lazy to finish the post.  it has been sitting in my drafts since then. 

here is the story: a few months ago, a few friends and i began playing music together.  harmonies, guitar, covers, violin.  it was just for fun.  and it was so much fun.  over the few weeks that we were doing this, i realized how much i had always wanted to do it.  i finally had friends who were capable musicians.  and we were comfortable around each other. and i was comfortable experimenting with myself.  it’s amazing what mental barriers there are to cross when it comes to things as simple as daring to try making up a harmony, or to play the guitar in front of someone who can play much better than you, or to not mind if people walk in and out of the room while you’re messing around, or to give honest feedback and musical input – the whole time remembering that there really is no pressure.  there was a distinctive sense of a type community, the likes of which i’d only tasted before.

i think it’s for the best that we weren’t playing all term long, and that there’s probably not going to be another experience like it this term.  this way i’ll get my papers written, and i’ll remember those last weeks with appropriate appreciation.

but now i feel more comfortable and adventurous.

and i know how much i love music.