i went to see johnny flynn live last night. AMAZING, of course.

and it got me very excited for the other concert i’m going to this term, frightened rabbit.

then today i checked my e-mail and i had a message from the Oxford University Student Chorus (of which i’m a member), reminding me of final rehearsals before our end-of-term concert. and the date and time of our final concert are the SAME as the frightened rabbit concert. i could’ve sworn it was the next day…

i’ve already bought my ticket to attend one concert. and i’ve already attended 7 weeks of rehearsal (as of this evening) to perform in the other.

although i don’t enjoy the music we’re doing in the OUSC this term as much as last, it is going to be a bigger final performance, with 8 soloists and an orchestra. this option is the bigger deal with more bragging rights.

but i love this band. i was supposed to see them last term but the show was postponed. as soon as it was rescheduled i bought my ticket. i hear that their energy is amplified in incredible live shows. i will probably enjoy this one more.

also, in the process of typing this my roommate has informed me that, since she was going to attend my concert, if i don’t perform, she will accompany me to the frightened rabbit show. which would be a grand ol’ time.

so. what should i do?