wow, i’ve been so out of habit with this blog that i just remembered i should probably start backtracking with updates now that i have the time! that should be my summer project :)

the news to share now is that, thanks to the icelandic volcano eyjafjallajökul and its lovely ash cloud, i am still in the uk. i was supposed to fly home saturday morning, but my flight was cancelled. i rebooked for this (tuesday) morning, and it was cancelled yesterday. the earliest i could reschedule again is for sunday morning.

the pros: i wanted more time here. i wasn’t ready to leave. i get to stay at home in oxford with quite a few friends who haven’t left to travel. my program is being fantastically understanding and helpful. i have time to do things i never did around england, without the pressure of knowing i am procrastinating paper writing. the weather is beautiful (i have a sunburn)! we’re SAFE. the only reason this is affecting us now is because of technology that we’re used to using. i would rather be safe on the ground for a while longer than up in the air because an airline is sick of losing money and is willing to gamble with my life. by the time i leave, i’ll be ready to.

the cons: most people aren’t quite as excited as i am. a lot of my housemates have had to deal with some very stressful things (thankfully, most have worked out failed plans and are enjoying our time here). some of my favorite people have already left :(. i know i’m wanted at home, where i haven’t been for almost 8 months. the day before i fly home, my sister leaves for a week in mexico.

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