today is the one month anniversary of the day i was supposed to leave oxford. and i still  haven’t.

AHA! just checking to make sure you’re paying attention…

i did eventually leave, on april 24th, exactly one week later than intended. the last week was splendid, and i will hopefully soon update, because i realize i have yet to say anything about my travels post-paris, and there is quite a bit that happened!

i have decided that, when i can remember to, i quite enjoy this blogging thing, and so i will keep this little site going.  unfortunately, i am in a bit of a paradox now: you see, i was able to get a job (and a quite fantastically perfect one for this summer, i might add!), and today, for the first half of my day, i have done  no more work than switching desks. this provides me with all sorts of free time. i am greatly enjoying the amount of reading i am able to accomplish. yet, as i am not on my home computer, i do not have my pictures available for uploading and memory jogging to lead to story telling. difficult. but know that more is coming!

so this job: i stalked craigslist, sent out some resumes, and TA DA! it was seriously almost that easy. i wanted something easy, full-time, good pay, for the summer. doesn’t that sound ideal? could i possibly get exactly what i wanted? yes! thanks to a little thing called a temp agency. one of the replies i received was from an agency who does staffing for the company that processes standardized tests taken in schools. i am now working 9-5 monday to friday, 30 minutes from my house, at my own desk, in the quality assurance department for an indeterminate number of weeks. and when this project finishes, my friends over at the temp agency will hook me up with all sorts of fun, brainless computer jobs that will help me to earn back the money i lived off of for 8 months. God is so good.

on a side note, today the exchange rate from USD to GBP is 1.4! 1.4! it was 1.7 when i was there! ahhhhhh

cheers folks!