so this is the obligatory “i-can’t-believe-i-have-let-this-slide-for-so-long-but-i-am-back-now-so-please-read-again” post

and to make it extra special i’ve totally revamped!

what is spurring me on to return to the blogging world is that i will once again be far from the places and people i know and this is a rather excellent way to keep everyone updated on a regular (cross your fingers) basis.

so. where am i going?

….. drum roll, please …..



haines, to be precise. (look it up on google maps so you can be a bit more knowledgeable about the geography of the biggest state) (and look at the satellite map so you can see how beautiful it is)

and. what will i be doing?

….. this warrants another drumroll …..


what? how? where?

it’s called a job, people.

i applied, i interviewed, i got an offer, i accepted.

here: the summer in bed & breakfast (look at the pictures of the mountains!)


i’m leavin’ on a jet plane may 25th, work starts june 1st and i am under contract til june 10th of 2012

so, all this to say, hopefully you will be able to follow my time there. if i’m not very regular at posting, it’s probably because i’m overrun with guests or can’t get to the world wide web.

on easter, this sunday april 24th, it will be a year since the day i left oxford. i think it’s time for a new adventure, don’t you? bring on round 2!