i could rave and rant about how wonderful an opportunity this job is for me, but i think i should first realistically acknowledge the cons.

what will i miss?

well, there are two meanings to the word “miss” i want to differentiate between:

1. to discover and feel the absence of something in your life (i will miss my home)

2. to fail to be a part of something (i will miss out on that)

i know from experience that 1 is inevitable, but i also know that i’m not as affected by those things i miss in that way as many people would be. it would be one thing if i were living my life in the same place, in the same way, and suddenly everyone disappeared and everything changed. it would be hard to not be consumed by how much i missed it all. but i’m willfully investing in a new life in a new place. things will be absent, but there will be new things as well.

it’s 2 i’m worried about. i will miss:

my sister’s high school graduation

my sister’s move to college

the weddings of two dear friends/apartment-mates

witnessing and participating in the more ‘normal’ transitions to the ‘real world’

family holidays

the college graduation of two more close friends

and i’m sure there will be more as people live their lives and make plans.

what’s sad about this type of ‘miss’ is that most of these things are only coming around once. they are significant life events that mean a lot to those involved, and thus, to me, as someone who cares about them.

that being said, the con list is a lot shorter than the pro :)