since accepting the alaska offer, life has been a series of preparations – and i will continue to spread myself thinly over the next 24 days.

i have called people and companies to nag and thank. i am preparing boxes to ship ahead of me. and i am moving. actually, moving twice before moving to haines. and i will be moving a lot in between those moves.

yesterday was spent packing up things for my parents to pick up and bring to new hampshire, and bringing my mattress and the rest of my things to my apartment-mate’s new apartment on the other side of town. we ended our month-to-month and so she’s letting me stay with her while in limbo. after graduation on the 21st, i will move the rest of my things to new hampshire. and then, four days later, i will move to alaska.

soon, pieces of me will be in massachusetts, new hampshire, alaska and in parcel post transit.

and where will i actually be for these remaining days?

gloucester – sleeping

wenham – finishing a thesis

boston – interning

south hamilton & essex – babysitting

nottingham – packing

peabody & raymond – worshipping

everywhere – saying farewell