today i received a wonderful gift in the mail from my future employers: a book! and a relevant one, at that.

the title, the namesake of this post, is a memoir style compilation by haines resident heather lende. lende writes for the local paper and has put out a few books on her hometown to critical acclaim.

there are three reasons that i am restraining myself from diving straight into devouring her words:

1. i literally cannot. i have far too much that needs to get done before i can graduate. and i need to graduate before i can go to the setting of these stories!

2. i’m convinced it will make for excellent plane reading.

3. i am worried that if i read it in its entirety before arriving in haines, i will develop far too many preconceptions about the place and the people (as i tend to do without any external sources). which is unfair to all parties involved, including myself. it’s an interesting dilemma – to have the opportunity to take a small glance into the future. rather than researching settlement history and climate statistics, this would be learning about the lives of people who are still very much connected with the place i am soon to call home. the closest parallel i can think of is going to visit someone who has told you all about her friends and family and home. but in that case, they know you’re coming as well, and are probably learning about you too. i don’t want to start off my relationship with this place as a fly on the wall.

i encourage any and all to read her work. but if you do before i leave, please save the discussions for once i’m there!

this gift is also for you, so that you may peer into the life i will be beginning.