the vacuum cleaner can only run so long before it starts to smell. should probably fix this soon before the new carpet catches on fire.

as beautiful as plants on the porch are, their wilty-rotty-smushy petals must be swept up frequently.

folding sheets a certain way can make putting them on a bed exponentially less difficult. who knew there was a proper way to fold the infuriating fitted sheet? and life can’t be too bad if bed skirts are one of the most frustrating parts of one’s day.

it’s rather amazing that each time a load of towels goes through the laundry the lint trap can be emptied. greatly satisfying for one such as myself who takes too much pleasure in this, but rather sad for the increasingly wear-weary towels.

just because men can urinate standing up does not mean they should. and this is not just the feminist talking.

hair left in the shower is one of the least actually disgusting things that can remain, but the one that people care about most. and the most challenging to clean.

years of silently thinking my mother’s latex dish washing gloves were excessive have been severely repented of, with much thanks from the skin of my hands.

when buying in bulk, buy on sale.