there were lots of calls about bears rummaging around in the police report in last week’s paper, which got me to thinking about something you might like to know: i finally saw my first bear a few weeks ago! coming back into town after going out for lunch (aka driving 33 miles towards canada to the roadside eatery called “33 mile”) with a few friends, behold, on the side of the highway… BEAR. i’m not sure if bears can be called teenagers, but this brown bear was far too large to be a cub,yet definitely still had the youthful teddy bear appearance. our incessant turning round and round on the highway to catch more glimpses of the plant munching rogue eventually sent him bolting back into the woods.

i have yet to see another since then, which is perfectly fine with me. while i would love to snap a photo of an alaskan bear family like the ones my guests proudly show, i am most often in potential bear territory when on a bike. no protective windows and heavy metal doors creating the spectator zoo.

my anxiety took a small spike when commenting to a friend on the fact that i was equipped with a bear bell by some friends from home and was introduced to the following:

“well, you know how to tell the difference between brown and black bear scat?”

“uhhh, no…”

“brown bear scat has bear bells in it! ahahaha! you haven’t heard that joke before?”