the inn cannot very well shut down on weekends and, as i am the only one here to run it, i don’t get that break between my weeks. obviously, this can be a little wearing, especially on busy weeks. i am looking forward to the winter as an extended long weekend.

a surprising consequence of this has been that i actually lose track of what day it is. most days contain the same routine, and when i look at the calendar, i orient myself based on what guests are here, coming, leaving, more than on what day of the week it is. i can more readily give the date than the day.

wednesdays have become my saving grace.

why hump day?

because wednesdays are the only day of the week that possess regularities. on wednesday mornings the emergency testing on the radio happens (the annoying beep and static sequence), and often the announcer will graciously pause til it’s over.

this reminds me that it is wednesday and i give myself my allergy shot, careful to be out of guests’ sight so they do not suspect they are being cared for by a heroine addict.

wednesdays also feature the radio program “safety talk” with two of our firemen/all-around emergency responders. the topics addressed are so basic, i’ve begun to wonder if they cycle through a list every few months: fires, hiking, biking, driving; fires, hiking, biking, driving. this past wednesday i did learn a helpful acronym for gathering information from a victim in an emergency situation:

Past similar occurances
Last ins and outs
Event details

i also heard a whshhh-ing “fire” impression from one of the firemen.

grain of salt.

when i leave the inn to run errands, wednesdays guarantee that i will be swimming through a sea of camera holding, fanny-pack wearing, clumped-together walking cruise ship passengers. wednesdays are the day that a cruise ship docks in town. the passengers come near to rivaling town population, and the ship’s mass allows it to establish itself like a sky scraper sitting in portage cove.

i always knew weekends were important. i’ve been mostly successful at spreading my r&r around other days and times to account for the lack of dedicated “off” time. the part of weekends that wednesdays have been serving is as time markers. when the same type of work is being done each day, each day begins to merge with the one before it, which has merged with all the ones before it. someone will ask me how my day is going, and i find myself unsure if the details and sentiments i begin recalling happened 2 or 22 hours ago. when i come to wednesday, i can say to myself, “ah, this came again very quickly!” or “thank goodness the week is over!”

this is why when big things happen i want to mark them, write about them, use them as sign posts for the rest of the observations that weave together various times and places. i guess in some ways this is how summers were when i was a kid – days blend together as routine gives way to the moment.