i know what you’re thinking. “hannah, it’s AUGUST. calm down!”


it is august, and that is exactly why i cannot calm down.

last week i had some guests who were staying in the room upstairs that contains the thermostat. as i was switching over the other upstairs room, i noticed that it was rather stuffy. then i noticed the stuffiness seemed to be concentrated in the area near the baseboard heaters. then i noticed the baseboard heaters were emitting heat.

it was not that cold, especially upstairs. so i asked one of the guests if she had turned on the heat, and offered some extra blankets if she had been cold. i explained that, as it was still august, and the thermostat controls the entire upstairs heat, guests staying in the other room may want to leave their window open (most do) and i would hate to be wasting energy. response? no blankets necessary, body temperature satisfactory, air temperature unpleasant. at this point, i resigned.

a few days later, some downstairs guests asked about turning on the heat. this seemed reasonable, as the weather had taken a turn for the cold.

and now, i am greatly fighting turning on the heat for myself. i read the paper wearing a flannel shirt, wool socks and buried under a fleece blanket.

honestly, i’ve actually really enjoyed the summer weather here. the hottest it ever got was pushing 80 degrees fahrenheit, and i loved it. i’ve heard nightmares about the heat and humidity back east. it’s nice to be able to go out in a t-shirt but cozy up in a sweatshirt without, well, sweating. all of june through mid-august was 60s and 70s, mostly sunny (granted, we were in a drought and everything was turning brown). days of rain or cloud were welcome. now, it has suddenly become very cloudy, rainy and very cold. all at once. i knew it would happen. it’s just, well, it’s still august! it shouldn’t be 52 degrees.

this must all be combined with the fact that minutes of daylight are dropping like flies. the solstice, less than 2 months ago, gave about 18.5 hours of daylight, in addition to lots of twilight hours. now, the sun sets before 9pm, we’re down to 15 hours, and i have to strain to see the mountains should i wake up in the middle of the night and the moon is absent.

i suppose it makes sense. if this place provides really long days and really short ones, it has to get from one to the other somehow.

anyways, drinking tea or hot cocoa is always so much more satisfying when wrapped up in a blanket (the drinker, not the drink). winter nesting has begun.