i was in a flash mob.

that’s right. just like this.

okay, not quite like that. but kind of!

choir rehearsals don’t actually start until october. the one we had earlier this week was because our director wanted to surprise her daughter at a party she was throwing upon her return to town after getting married in thailand (seriously, haines people are drawn from and sent to everywhere).

the plan was for the choir to show up, mingle around (counting on protection from suspicion because the daughter had been gone for so long she wouldn’t know half the people her family invited), then begin singing a round of mozart’s “friends, forget the cares that bore us.” once everyone had joined in, we would filter into formation and perform a rendition of the beatles’ “i will.”

there were a few problems:

1) the choir ladies showed up before a lot of other guests, and out-numbered them.

2) we were nervous, not having practiced much, or having ever been in a flash mob before.

3) being outdoors, we couldn’t hear ourselves very well and lost tempo at one point about halfway through.

4) somehow we ended up singing two more songs, one of which we had sung once on thursday, the other i had never heard before.

so, we ended up being more mob than flash (which is probably a good thing based on some of the jokes that were made during rehearsal). however, the combination of the element of surprise, goodwill and effort (not to mention our lovely voices) produced a mostly pleasant result.

i think it was an excellent gift, and our director was so pleased she managed to keep it a secret from everyone.

fun tangent: upon returning home i realized i had had a sock in my back pocket the whole time.

make a note: i am not opposed to being flash-mobbed.

perhaps i could find a way to corral my guests into ambushing locals with song and dance? the summer inn flash mob training camp… b&b to fmtc…