according to google: n. “stay away from school or work without permission or explanation”

this is my first fall since i was 3 years old that i have not gone to school (that’s right – my parents thought i was so annoying they threw on an extra year of preschool at the beginning to get me out of the house. though i was only across the street, so my cries were inescapable. actually, just ask my mom about my first day; she tells it better). SO, you could say i’m playing hooky from school.

but i want to talk about hooky because i am playing hooky in a new way – by doing some hooky.

are you confused? hold on.

i am making a blanket. i was hoping to hold out til the actual winter before i began crocheting, but i can’t seem to resist. so i figured if i was going to do it, i may as well go all out and make the hugest thing. it’s nothing fancy or complicated, just a simple ripple pattern from here. the blogger i got the pattern from has a lovely nickname for crochet, “hooky,” that i am determined to make use of.

i don’t look at doing some hooky as playing hooky from work. it’s more like i’m disappearing “without explanation” from the watchful eyes of my guests.

i get far too excited when i realize i that i can spend a few hours sitting on my bed, listening to music over the rain outside, under one blanket while hooking some yarn into another one. today it’s even better because i’m wearing a jumper, a sweater and tights – three of my favorite things.

today i went to a local shop to pick up a few more skeins. i didn’t bring much yarn with me, and this blanket is going to be BIG. we’re talking, all the colors i like and can stand to see together piled one after another in an acrylic haven of warmth.

i think doing some hooky is about as close as i’ll come to acting like a bear. right now, the bears are pigging out on salmon in preparation for hibernation. rather than eating mass amounts and sleeping all winter, i will hook mass amounts to keep me warm, while sleeping and waking, this winter. be prepared.