okay, so it’s been awhile! sorry.

september was like a friday. i went in worn out from the rest of the week (summer), expecting a break. but alas, friday is still a work day and there are things to be done! yet there was also friday night, the true beginning of the weekend. the second half of september was full of activities and business (this is busy-ness in my brain, not biz-ness) that i have been jotting down to share with you.

however, saturday morning always brings with it the exhaustion of the week and the celebration of its ending. for me, october is saturday. thus, when the first 7 days miraculously produced no guests i acted true to form and slept in. late. college seems to have conditioned my body so that once it is awake past a certain hour, one must wait for the second wind necessary to finish writing one’s procrastinated paper. except i wasn’t writing a paper. i was watching movies and crocheting. but i could sleep in. we won’t talk about how late. i also began talking to myself. out loud. and singing. this is okay when you have the house to yourself, but when days 8 and 9 roll around and the house is full… not so much.

now that i am awake i have been busy around town and in my brain. this means i have multitudes of stories to share with you all. so many, in fact, that i got a bit intimidated and put it off when i had the time (cue biking and baking). in my defense, i also want to start posting pictures, but this requires things like powering up my laptop, uploading files, organizing, editing, selecting the lucky few that you will see, and getting them here. some of the oldest stories include photos, and i just feel like being somewhat chronological. hence, the wait.

words and photos are coming, though. they will simply be quite delayed from their actual occurrence. to those of you who are living vicariously through me, this takes out some of the creep factor by making this more memoir than twitter bombardment (something of which i know very little and hope to remain in my ignorance about).

dedication! creativity! perseverance!

now then, i’m off to the library to get a movie ;)


whoa! anyone else realize how trippy the phrase “now then” is?