no, it’s only wednesday here. and it’s not black out yet. in fact, things are rather white. because today we had our first SNOW of the season!

i titled this post “black friday” because, for some reason, the snow put me in the mental state of it being the day after thanksgiving.

my family are not “black friday shoppers.” traditionally, after extended tryptophan-induced napping from post-football to late morning, we will trudge around the house in pajamas and eat pie for breakfast. and the day after thanksgiving (if we have restrained ourselves after the holiday meal) is usually when full on christmas celebration preparation sets in. finally, for some strange new england reason, i believe i’ve experienced more snowy black fridays than christmas’s over the years.

so… while i wasn’t reheating turkey leftovers, inhaling half a can of jellied cranberry sauce straight out of a tupperware container, popping rolls, or taking swigs out of an almost empty sparkling cider bottle today, the sight of fresh snow swirling through the air and coating the ground in white inspired holiday sensations.

psychoanalyzing myself, as i often do, reveals that i have been living from the day after graduation to yesterday with the mindset of being on an extended summer vacation. seeing snow is obviously contradictory to this delusion, and the psychological defense mechanism employed by my brain was to simply skip into the belief that, summer holidays being finished, the winter holiday season had commenced! i’m cutting my psyche a bit of slack, because, frankly, it has been far too well conditioned to associate not being at school with being on a school vacation. as all this means is that i seem to be in a constant state of celebration, i suppose it cannot be too detrimental to my mental health.

after my guests checked out this morning i danced around the house, grinning and yelping out at the snow from each non-fogged-up window, and listened to christmas music while cleaning. i’m afraid i used up all my tolerance for “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” with a rather obnoxious message on my sister’s voicemail, so “white christmas” became today’s theme song.

yes, THAT version (though, i’d never seen this cartoon til trying to find the version on youtube).

mum, dad, liv – here’s to dancing around the kitchen, pretending we can sing as high as mariah carey, and fighting over the leftover potato stuffing. do it well this year!