i have a short tale to share with you all that i really have no good reason for sharing except it was a little strange.

yesterday afternoon i made mushroom barley soup. super tasty food to last me the week. who knew soups would one day become one of this picky eater’s favorite things?

i added garlic, as i am prone to do, and by that evening i had eaten two servings. there were random wafts of garlic upon my olfactory senses. either the scent of garlic still lingered on my fingertips or was seeping from my pores. i tend to believe the latter. there’s really no objection to this on my part, but i’m sure if i was making social calls there may have been.

fortunately, i was holed in my room watching a movie rented from the library, “juno”. there is an excellent line in this film that goes something like this:

“i don’t like her. she smells like soup. her whole house smells like soup.”

movie ends. i open my bedroom door to do some prep for breakfast. it smells like a skunk in my house.

seriously folks, i almost asked the guests sitting in the living room if one of them got sprayed. are there even skunks in alaska? probably not. but i know that scent. our house (and pets) got hit quite frequently when i was growing up. there’s nothing like sitting in 3rd grade and trying to ignore inquiries about the scent your backpack brought into the classroom.

as i set the table i kept taking sniffs. it wasn’t strong enough for the house to have been sprayed. in fact, it was a bit like my 3rd grade classroom housing an incriminating backpack. it probably only seemed so obvious because i had been sniffing uncontaminated air for the past few hours.

with the help of my expert nose, i eventually came to the tentative conclusion that it simply must have been the result of the lovely aroma of onions, garlic,  and beef broth (among other less potently scented things) floating around the house all evening, mutating and spoiling in the air. how disappointing.

moral of the story: in the winter, don’t cook big batches of wonderfully scented things (unless they are baked goods) when guests are expected.

“she smells like soup. her whole house smells like soup.”

i couldn’t help laughing to myself and thinking that it’s no wonder that poor girl isn’t liked if her house smelled like mine, and she also reeked of garlic. i would totally be her friend, though. especially if i could get in on that soup action!