before i dive back into sharing more adventurous stories, i want to dedicate a quick post to my vacation over the holidays. using my two weeks of freedom, i was able to get 10 ½ lovely days home in new england from the 18th to the 28th of december. i saw many of you who are reading this over that time.

to all of you i say, “thank you.” whether i spent two minutes or two hours in your company, it was a blessing. i am so incredibly overwhelmed by the fact that each exchange, reunion and celebration that i took part in was good. truly, there were no instances of speaking with someone after which i thought, “well, that was a waste of my time.” how rich i am!

my biological family, my gordon family, my church family, and the rest of you who have also become family to me over the years: i loved hearing about what is going on in all of your lives, exchanging stories, embracing and knowing that even 3,000 miles cannot damage those things we hold dear. to those of you who went out of your way to see me, i appreciate it more than you know. to those of you who put up with my invasive demands concerning your schedules, thank you so much for making time and space for me in your busy lives. to those of you i happened to see with no real effort on either of our parts, wasn’t that great? and to the rest of you i wasn’t able to see for whatever reason, i believe that that has no hold on the strength of our relationship and look forward to the next time we fellowship together.

to conclude, a special note from the nuclears (who just may kill me for doing this):