it has come to my attention that some of you are unable to leave comments on my posts. this saddens me greatly! so, let’s work it out. since some people are able to leave comments, my guess is that the rest of you are having trouble finding the place to comment.

at the top of the post you wish to comment on, right below the title of said post, is the date it was published. to the right of that is a little bubble of the sort cartoon dialogue sometimes occurs in. this is the comment bubble. the number in the bubble refers to the number of comments already made on that post. click the bubble, scroll down to the bottom of the post, and type your comment in the designated place. you will also need to enter a name and a valid email address in order to post (this is to prevent spam).

want to practice? do it on this post! no judgment :)

if this does not address/solve your issues, please send me an email and we’ll get it fixed, because i love to hear what everyone has to say!

“hannah, you go through phases when you update a lot, and then when you don’t for like a month. i get sick of checking your blog and finding nothing new, and then i forget to check. how can i know when a new post is up?”

well, i’m so glad you asked! there are a few different answers:

option 1 – if you have a facebook account and check it somewhat regularly, the internet will do the work for you! i have my wordpress and facebook accounts linked so that whenever i update my blog, facebook automatically creates a link on my page to the new blog post (which is undoubtedly how many of you come to be reading this right now). something to note, however: if you comment on that post on facebook, it is not a comment on the actual blog post. i would much prefer you comment on the blog, because that way your response stays with the story, rather than getting carried away in the great tide of facebook and forgotten.

option 2 – a tiny bit of effort on your part and the internet will do the work for you again! become an email subscriber! simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and on the left hand side under the “follow” heading, there is a “click” button that will ask for your email address and, whenever i update, you’ll get an email of the new post. i’m not sure how well images translate via this form, so you may want to simply use this as a notification, and then read on the actual website.

option 3 – make use of a wonderful tool like google reader or bloglovin’ or take advantage of your own blog (if you have one), to gather all the blogs you read in one handy dandy place! it’s like having an email account where blog updates get sent. you simply enter in the address of the blogs you wish to follow, subscribe, and then when you log into your nifty tool you’ll be able to read all the new things that have been posted since you last logged in. (if you’re tech savvy, you should know even more about this using RSS feeds and i will not pretend to be on your level). i started using google reader after i moved to alaska, and it’s been so great. i, like many of you, knew that i had friends who blogged, but i had such a hard time remembering the addresses and to check them. okay, this is starting to sound a bit like an advertisement. i promise i’m not getting paid!

choose whichever tool works best for you. or, if you prefer, just visit the blog the old fashioned (and most guaranteed to work) way. if any other issues or questions come up, don’t hesitate to ask me for help! i’ve been so overwhelmed by the positive feedback you’ve all given, and, since you’re enjoying what i’m writing, i want to make it as simple as possible for you to keep reading!

many thanks :)