let’s be honest… i’m disappointing. i promise thrilling and entertaining alaska inn stories, and you check my blog for months without hearing a peep. c’mon, i’m not in school anymore, how else am i supposed to procrastinate?

speaking of me slowly losing my educated self – yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my college graduation. holy smokes. quick shout out CONGRATULATIONS to my dear gordon friends who graduated on saturday!

back on topic. let’s stop pretending i’m going to change. plenty of other character flaws are undergoing serious demolition work, so this one is going to have to be put on hold. this means no more nagging from you people (crap, we make fun of my grandma for saying “you people”). regardless, you people know you who are. please leave my poor parents alone; they’d tell you if i got knocked up or died (since these seem to be the most important pieces of news).

there may or may not be posts, which may or may not arrive in a very disconcerting flood. or we may all have to wait til i’m on my deathbed and finally decide to write the book.

i’m writing now because there is a series of big announcements from the winter that need to be made officially public knowledge. are you ready, kids?

…. i didn’t even like spongebob….


1. i decided not to renew my contract at the inn for a second year.

2. the summers put the inn up for sale.

2.a I AM NOT BUYING THE INN. whether you ask me seriously or in jest, you have already been preceded by DOZENS. humanity has never seemed so uniform.

3. they asked me if i would be willing to stay through the summer while it [hopefully] sells.

4. i said yes.

5. my contract now ends august 31st, rather than june 10.

all this being said, i do not know when or how i’ll be leaving, where i’ll be going next or what i’ll be doing there (believe it or not, this is progress for my plan-obsessive mind). the general thoughts of late have been to meander back to new england and set up camp in a new small town closer to family and maple trees.

my grandfather had a heart attack about a month ago, and there’s nothing quite like a medical emergency to bring the full awareness of 4,000 miles crashing down on one’s consciousness. praise the lord, he’s doing much better now. for me, it was akin to a last straw in making me decide i would like to be within a few hours’ driving distance from my flesh and blood for a while. though, given my itchy feet, who knows how long “a while” will be.

thus, i am open to ideas and suggestions and JOBS come autumn. for now, i am VERY open to VISITORS! seriously, i can find you places to stay for free, feed you delicious fishies and sourdough concoctions, and show you the wonders of alaska! if you’ve been waiting for a sign or an opportunity to visit the last frontier, THIS IS IT.

snap snap