BIG news of the very BEST kind: my one and only sib, olivia, is coming to visit me!

even better, she’ll be arriving on my birthday (june 19th) and staying for a week!

can i get another exclamation point?


there will be much joy in both our lives as i show her the wonders of haines, and she fills my ears and heart with praises of my wonderful good fortune and generosity. in real life this translates to us walking around town from food source to beverage source (liv, did i mention the root beer at the brewery? i have long wished you could taste it – and now you can!) staring at the mountains and pinching each other.

reasons this is wonderful:

1. ummm, can you think of a better birthday present? neither can i! (ha, the i and the ! look funny…)

2. i miss her (and if she wasn’t coming i probably wouldn’t see her til thanksgiving, which will be almost a year since i last saw her)

3. i love her (which guarantees a good time)

4. it’s about time one of the hundreds of people i know got to see this place (and me in it)

5. do i make too many lists? (even with lists i can’t stay on topic)

if you’re not excited yet, you have some serious reevaluating to do!