mail.1 – the postcard challenge is open until the end of the month, so if you have words and addresses, feel free to send them my way.

mail.2- as far as me receiving mail goes, it would be safest if no one posts anything to me in haines after the end of this week (8/25). though i’ll be setting up mail forwarding for the beginning of september on,  i don’t have full faith in the system. thus, if you have any snail mail you’ve been meaning to slide my way, it’s now or never! and by “never” i mean “just send it to the nest”:

my name, duh                   [no, my name is not: “duh,” clever people]
po box 93
nottingham, nh 03290

phone notice – for those of you who have ever called me at/have on file my alaska number (the 907 one that i answer, “summer inn, this is hannah”), i will not be reachable there past september 2nd, so you’d best delete it. however, if you happen to prank call that number after that point in time, it’s none of my business… this is where i wink, if i could (squishing my cheek into my eyebrow never looks quite right).