down to the wire! are you ready for the unveiling of: the. most. epic. trip? no, i’m not just out of a job and moving into my parent’s basement. i’m going crazy. and i’m taking everybody with me. important travel information in bold.

this friday, 31 august, i will make breakfast for the last guests of the summer inn, clean their rooms, the house, and close.

on saturday, 1 september, from 2-4 pm, i will host a farewell reception for the community to have one last look around the good ole house, and eat pie.

one week from today, 2 september, i will pack my bags into kate‘s trusty truck rusty, attend my last music rehearsal and church service here, then jump in shotgun and we will pull away from haines.  approximately 8 hours later, we will arrive in tok to pick up karen, and continue back into the yukon.

on monday, 3 september, we will enjoy the gold rush history of dawson city, then hit the road again, this time southbound for seattle.

by 7 september we will have arrived in seattle.

at 9:45 am on 8 september, i will be on amtrak‘s coast starlight, heading for sacramento.

20.5 hours later, on 9 september, i will have arrived in sacramento, and will be preparing to board the california zephyr. at 11:09 am, it will pull away from the platform and i will be speeding towards colorado.

on 10 september, at 6:38 pm, i will pull into the denver train station and be gloriously reunited with my best friend, hannah ashleigh.

after a wonderful stay in centennial, 18 september will find me at the frontier airlines terminal at the denver airport, seated on a plane, lifting off to los angeles at 1:01 pm. at 2:21 pm, we will land at LAX, where i will find my long ago oxford roomie, annalyssa.

on either 22/23 september, kate and karen will have made their way down the west coast in a newer SUV, and we will leave the pacific behind, cruising historic route 66.

a detour at the grand canyon is a must.

trying to travel as much of the original route as possible, we will pass through california, arizona, new mexico, texas, oklahoma, kansas, missouri, and illinois, arriving in chicago around 4 october.

we will then cut through michigan to get back into canada.

after visiting toronto and montreal, we will reenter the states through vermont, where we will visit the ben & jerry’s factory.

heading one state over will mean a return to the 603 for me, and a quick stop back home in nottingham to dump some goods and get some hugs.

next is a pop down to boston to pick up a cousin and a mom who will travel northwards with us into acadia national park in maine.

turning back again, i will be home in time for the roberts family apple cider day on 14 october.

karen and kate will continue roadtripping for about another month, but i will be officially moved back in with my parents, penniless and directionless. the plan is to live at home through the holidays, working somewhere relative pain-free (i.e. no return to mcdonald’s), while cleaning through my things, organizing my life, and searching for the next adventure.

here’s where YOU come in: thanks to the oft-frustrating miracle of facebook, i have already been able to connect with many dear friends living along the path i shall travel. if you live in, around, near any of these places i will be, LET ME KNOW! even if we don’t need to sleep/shower/launder when passing by, chances are i would love to see your face for a bit of time. for me, one of the most exciting things about this trip is the chance to reconnect with people who have been a part of my life, but are no longer living within a pleasing geographic radius. that was one of the saddest things about returning from my time abroad: most of my program/housemates whose lives had taken place within the same walls for at least 3 months were now spread back across this wide continent we came from. the majority of them i have not seen for years. a surprising number of these great folks reside near my route. but, truly, anyone reading this is someone i would want to see. so if i somehow missed you, shoot me an email and we’ll make it work.

here’s where YOU come in, part 2: if you’ve heard of any opportunities, programs, jobs, or general adventurous things you think may interest me in the slightest, i would love to hear about them. preferably something starting in the new year. seriously, if your neighbor’s cousin teaches paragliding, or your great aunt has an apartment in her barn in west virginia for rent, i want to know about it! you get the gist: help me brainstorm the future. my survival is the limit.

it doesn’t seem real, does it?