okay, i’m going to fight my desire to blog extensively about everything i’ve done and everywhere i’ve seen so far. here’s a quick update in pictures.

this was taken literally moments before i hopped in rusty (to the left) with kate and we sped away from haines. if you can’t tell, this is lori, jenty, and i in front of the inn, aligned in chronological order of when we were innkeepers. these two were not only the best predecessors i could have asked for, they became two of my best friends and lived with me for the last bit of time i was at the inn. it was a party, innkeeper style (ie – lots of tea, baking, and good conversation).

we drove to tok to pick up karen, then spent the night in chicken, alaska. not recommended.

we swung up to dawson city, yukon territory the next day for some more authentic gold rush history. but the highlight of the day was probably the free ice cream.

watson lake, british columbia is home to the ridiculously large signpost forest. seriously folks, FOREST. and people keep adding more. i wasn’t able to find a NH plate in the few rows we perused, but i’m sure there’s one in there somewhere.

BC boasted some incredibly varied landscape, but always there was lumbertimerwood everywhere. it’s the province’s #1 export, and now i believe it. i was a big fan of rolling fields with freshly baled hay. very upstate new york-ish. we drove a very steep and windy stretch of road that is closed in the winter, to get to whistler, where we had cow’s ice cream. this trip is a bit of a ‘best ice cream in the us’ tour, in case you want to be jealous.

the sea to sky highway to vancouver, which we did backwards (as is kind of a theme on this trip i’m realizing), was gorgeous, of course. throw in a few nights of tenting in strange places with strange names,  a last viewing of the northern lights, and the knowledge that we were spending multiple days of around 12+ hours in the truck and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how we moved from haines to the lower 48.

well, we’re about to leave the coffee shop (i’m currently in flagstaff, az) so i’ll pick up with seattle next time!